The snow came at a great time

Daniel Botănoiu, MARD Secretary of State: "The snow came at a great time"

Fallen snow in recent days brought back the confidence of farmers in a record harvest this year. On the brink of drought, fallen snow is more than welcome for field crops, is a "breath" for future crops of wheat, barley and rapeseed yields cumulative 2 billion.

Without light, the plants were exposed to stress on the lack of water in the soil, and the risk of freezing while the snow really works as a shield against frost.

"The snow came at a great time, glad the snow is great. Quantity is good since there are 30-40 inches of snow and it is good for the soil was warm which allows melting inside of the snow, "Daniel Botănoiu said for BBC, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture, which said it is too early to draw conclusions on the precise impact of recent weather events.

Grain market, a segment which underpins agricultural production remains dependent on the past four years while having a volatile journey. Last year, agriculture has brought the economy 18.5 billion Euros with a gross value added of 7.9 billion, is one of the main engines of economic growth.