Romania's best investment sectors for 2014 are agriculture and IT

According to a recent report from Accace, the most valuable sectors for foreign investment in Romania for 2014 are agriculture, IT and outsourcing.

“The main argument for agriculture is the major interest displayed by foreign investment funds for purchasing land and farms, as well as for farming and operating them. The Romanian land has major advantages for investors, due to the fact that very large areas qualify for bio farming, which raises the end price,” said Bogdan Badea, Managing Director of Accace Romania. Accace is one of the main outsourcing and business consultancy companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, IT still remains an area of great interest, because there is a strong demand for numerous applications and software and Romania has one of the most evolved and mature outsourcing markets. Outsourcing centers, even though generate smaller revenues, are creating more jobs.

The outsourcing company wanted to see if Romania is prepared for foreign investors and even though there are some obstacles, including bureaucracy, which investors see as excessive, and lack of fiscal predictability, the country offers a good environment for investment in the mentioned fields.