Romania wants to re-start exporting live pigs

Romania and Bulgaria are in the present allowed to export in the EU only pork meat and other related products.

The two countries want to get the OK to re-start exporting live pigs in the European Union. European Commission might grant this request from January 2015.

 “The most urgent problem we have discussed with our Bulgarian partners was the swine fever, as both us and the Bulgarians, according to the European Commission’s decision, can sell only pork meat and products from all veterinary authorized units that meet the conditions for the community area, but not live pigs,” said Vladimir Manastireanu, president of the Sanitary and Veterinary National Authority (ANSVSA).

“We’ve proposed the Bulgarian colleagues to organize in Bucharest this summer a joint work meeting with experts of the European Commission, to meet their conditions, so that we can also export live pigs in the community area starting 2015,” he added.

The president of ANSVSA considers that in order to get the OK the two countries need to take into consideration two major aspects. First, the animal movement between Romania and Bulgaria needs to be controlled and the surveillance of the swine fever needs to be tightened.

 “During talks last year with the European Commission, we asked to export live pigs starting 2014, but the European experts said they want to see surveillance measures in 2014 and whether there are any cases of swine fever at pigs raised in households, which is not the case,” said Vladimir Manastireanu.