Rice Hoard Offers World Respite as Food Costs Surge: Commodities

At a time when droughts are driving corn and soybeans to all-time highs, farmers are set to reap a record rice crop and Thailand is building the biggest stockpile in at least five decades, helping avoid a global food crisis.

The largest exporting nation bought 11 million metric tons as of July, enough to supply the six biggest importers, Commerce Ministry data show. As corn farmers from the U.S. to Ukraine endure drought, paddy fields will yield 1.1 million tons more milled grain, the U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts. Benchmark 5-percent Thai white rice will drop 14 percent to $480 a ton by Dec. 31, according to the median of 10 estimates from traders and analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

Shipments of the staple for half the world will expand 2.6 percent to a record in 2012-2013, the USDA predicts. Those exports combined with Thailand’s stockpiles, which may be cut to clear space for the next harvest, are a buffer against grain reserves seen at the lowest in at least five years. Cheaper rice may contain United Nations predicts will rebound, ending a retreat to a 21-month low in June.

“Rice is the only bright spot which is keeping us away from a global food crisis,” said Abdolreza Abbassian, a senior economist at the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization in Rome. “The corn situation is very worrisome, while with wheat, the overall supply situation is still adequate.”

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