Pilot project: Romanian vegetables reach the markets in Munich

Pilot project in the vegetables - fruits. Head Prodcom Aurel Tanase, Romanian producers announced that vegetables will reach the tables of Germans who buy from markets in Munich. Aurel Tanase has already made the necessary arrangements in this regard and talked about the project with those in Germany.

"In December, along with the Center for Communication Farmers have selected five production centers in Romania located in pools recognized that vegetable production: Izbiceni, otter, devil, Virginia, Salt Glodean stock and where we launched a pilot project so that centers to purchase produce and deliver about 10,000 tons. In December I was invited by Market Administration in Munich Germany that has changed little consumer acceptance and vegetables are vegetables instead pulp from Turkey or where they come from, are Romanian products even if a small stain, scratch or any small defect but will be produced with flavor and taste, "said National Television, Aurel Tanase.

Recall that Russia wants to import from Romania about 60,000 tons of vegetables. They would supply 582 stores in 230 cities of Russia.