Pakistan needs 50 percent more agriculture production by 2025

Investment in agriculture sector not only ensures food security of any country but also help to produce a healthy nation besides promoting rule of law in the society. Farming is just not a profession but an effort to save 194 million people of Pakistan from hunger.

Keeping in view the population growth, Pakistan needs 50 percent more agricultural production by 2025 and it can only be done by strengthening the agricultural sector and promoting good agricultural practices for maximum per acre yield. These views were expressed by Chief Executive Officer Auriga Group, Jamshed Iqbal Cheema while addressing the annual dealers' conference here on Tuesday. Jamshed, who also heads the Pakistan Agricultural Scientists Association (PASA), threw light on different factors which can contribute to a better agricultural production.

He regretted that Pakistan which is attributed as basically agricultural country lacks in provision of sufficient food and it is in the ranks of those countries which have low grains per capita for its citizens.

He also said that Pakistan at present has only 1000 cusecs per capita water availability and it is being forecast that it would reduce to 575 cusecs per capita in 2050. 'Pakistan is facing acute water shortage and water is basic ingredient to promote agricultural production,' Jamshed Cheema added.

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