Nu har danskere 8.000 søer i Rumænien (DCH International met a strong growth in Romania)

The Danish farming company had a very good year regarding Romanian pig production.

The investment company is one of the largest pig producers in Romania and one of the biggest Danish agricultural enterprises continuously extending and operating abroad. Growing once again, it reached a number of 8,000 sows in Romania and 1,800 in Canada.

In 2012, the revenue grew by a third thanks to the great production and good prices in Romania. The turnover was nearly €40 million.

According to a press release from the company, the final numbers were bigger than those expected, surpassing the original expectations by €1 million despite the drought and high feeding prices. The profit has virtually doubled since 2011.

The future seems bright for the company and good results and success seem to continue.

After presenting the annual report for the general meeting of the company, Carsten Lind Pedersen, the president of the company, stated that growth is fundamental for the consolidation of DCHI. "The bigger and stronger DCHI becomes, the more we will be in a negotiating situation, when or if there is a consolidation in the industry. We therefore consider that growth is still a necessity to create added value for our shareholders. A healthy and stable business is a prerequisite for continued growth” he added.


5 subsidiary companies - 160 employees

  1. 220,000 slaughter pigs
  2. 7,600 sows
  3. 2,600 hectares of farm land in operation
  4. own feed mill with production of approx. 200 tones/feed/day 

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