More than half of Romanians know about European support for agriculture, but few know the details

About 58 percent of Romanians are aware of Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the support it gives farmers, however only 13 percent know the details.

Planning to reform the policy for the 2014/2020 period, the European Commission has surveyed residents across member states to gauge their understanding and opinions regarding agricultural policy.

Introduced in 1962, the CAP aims to ensure a regular supply of affordable foodstuffs for consumers, while guaranteeing a fair standard of living for European farmers.

Other objectives of the policy are food security, the sustainable management of natural resources, the preservation of rural economies, the redistribution of aid between countries and between farmers, and climate change.

About 64 percent of Europeans say they have heard about the support that the European Union gives farmers through its Common Agricultural Policy, compared with 34 percent who have never heard of it.

Within this majority, only 8 percent say they know the details, while 56 percent say they have heard about it but do not know the details.

In Romania, 43 percent of respondents said financial aid for farmers was too low. However, conversely, more than a third of respondents think that this aid is too high in Denmark.

About 42 percent of Romanians think the main responsibility of farmers should be protecting the environment. Meanwhile, more than half of Romanians, 52 percent, think agriculture needs to be supported because of its contribution to the economy.

Also, in terms of Romania, 71 percent of respondents gathered their information about agricultural issues from the television, compared to 62 percent in Germany.

However, in many member states the internet is the preferred source of information especially in Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands.