Le Figaro: Romania, the new Eldorado of farmlands acquisition

According to B1Tv, the journalists from “Le Figaro” said that Romania is the new Eldorado of agricultural lands acquisition. The foreign investors are attracted to our country because of the soil quality, good prices and the help received through Common Agricultural Policy.

Romania, the fifth European country in terms of agricultural lands, is becoming more and more attractive to foreigners who are interested to invest in this field. The French journalist wrote that according to a study, the seizure of farmlands has become a growing phenomenon. 

Although the law prohibits foreign investors to buy agricultural land in Romania, 6% of the country's arable land, which is less than one million hectares, are exploited by multinationals.

For the international investors, the arable land is the new gold, said agricultural engineer in charge of the Common Agricultural Policy in Romania Ruralis, Eco Attila Szocs. "About 60% of the cultivated arable land is consisted of mold, black earth, good where it is easy to double your yield," added Szocs.

In addition, the investment is very profitable, for both buying and the renting. Moreover, cheap labor is still a matter of attraction for foreigners and if we count the 130 euro EU direct aid per hectare, which bring these lands, the phenomenon is understandable.

Moreover, CAP payments have contributed to this phenomenon’s growth favoring the speculation with land and marginalizing small farms, Dan Cismas is accusing. The European Commissioner for Agriculture, Dacian Ciolos wants to end this situation in the new Common Agricultural Policy in the 2014-2020 period by progressively capping aid, "Le Figaro" ended.

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