Hogan promises MEPs he will simplify CAP

Irish Commissioner-designate for Agriculture and Rural Development Paul Hogan survived his hearing in Parliament’s AGRI Committee, in spite of attacks by the Greens, and some domestic policy issues, raised by compatriots.

Hogan, who is considered one of the most experienced politicians in his native Ireland, appeared competent and calm during the hearing yesterday (2 October), occasionally displaying a sense of humour. Hours after the hearing, the agriculture committee voted resoundingly in favour of his candidacy for the Commission job.

An economist by training, and a former environment minister from the centre-right Fine Gael party, Hogan reminded the Agriculture Committee of his roots.

“I grew up on a farm, in rural Kilkenny”, he told MEPs, adding that he had campaigned “in favour of each and every treaty change”. As MEPs are well aware, Ireland’s constitution requires all changes to the EU treaties to be voted on at referendums, the latest one having allowed the Lisbon Treaty to enter into force.

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