GMO lobby sees new Juncker Commission as bad news

The Juncker Commission has promised to be “more political” than its predecessor, something GMO backers see as a negative development for the approval of genetically modified crops in Europe.

"We believe this will not be positive," said Andre Goig, chairman of EuropaBio, the European association of bioindustries, referring to the announcement of the new European Commission.

Goig, who is also regional Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at Syngenta AG, was speaking in Brussels on Thursday (11 September), one day after Juncker presented his new team, promising a more effective and “political” decision-making process for the European Commission.

But for GMO backers, more politics is bad news in the face of national bans imposed by some member states in reaction to widespread public opposition to GM crops.

At issue is a legislative proposal by the Commission which aims to break the deadlock on GMO approvals in Europe by formally allowing EU countries to opt-out from the Europe-wide approval system.

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