German aid criticised for funding Thai TV show on 'safe pesticide use'

In a new reality show featuring farmers in Thailand, BASF, the world's largest chemicals corporation, is collecting German development funds to advertise for artificial pesticide use, causing NGOs to question government cooperation with big business in development aid campaigns. EurActiv Germany reports.

German development policy is taking new and innovative measures to combat poverty among farmers in developing countries. A new TV reality show is meant to teach smallholders in Thailand "safe and effective use" of pesticides.

The series dubbed "Farmers love safety" features two opposing farmer-teams who compete over which group can produce the highest yields and the best quality harvest.

"We want to support Thai farmers to help them achieve top performance in the long-term," said Pakorn Suchare, head of the pesticide department at BASF (Thai) Limited.

"Our TV reality series brings farmers closer to best-practices for sustainable rice production in an entertaining way," Suchare stated.

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