Gear Up Your 2015 Grain Marketing

When the corn market traded in the $7.00 and even $8.00/bushel range in 2012, farmers found grain marketing less stressful and easier to produce profits. The same for the soybean market at $13 and $14.00 per bushel. And, farmers accustomed to operating without a marketing plan were less inclined to start one up.

But now, the picture's altogether different. So, what will it take to ramp up marketing plans? With the grains worth half what they were 2 years ago, the key theme heading into 2015 is "equity preservation." What exactly does that mean?

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  • But, moving into the next year, look for a new sense of balance in the markets, one that was worn down in the last year or so as volatility took over and pushed markets lower. That balance will essentially narrow the trading range for the grains as lower prices entice demand from sectors like the export market, which will in turn give the markets some reason to stabilize.