French Parliament pushes 'fast-food' tax

A senatorial report proposes a junk-food tax on products that cause cardiovascular diseases. The tax aims specifically at soft drinks, which currently benefit from low taxes. EurActiv France reports.

Similar to steps taken by other European countries, a new junk-food tax is doing the rounds in the French parliament.

On 19 March, the French Senate presented a report, 'Taxation and public health: evaluation of behavioural taxation'. The aim of the report is to evaluate a behavioural tax to counter poor dietary habits, which could compensate for the public health costs associated with the consumption of junk-food.

The report underlines that “if the consumption of tobacco, alcohol and unhealthy food is deemed high risk in relation to public health, then they are synonymous to considerable costs to society. Behavioural taxation could therefore be envisaged as a way to reduce costs and generate the funds necessary to offset their negative externalities.”

Taxing energy drinks

The report calls for harmonised taxes on vegetable oils, and to apply a 20% tax on soft drinks, with a view to limiting the risks of cardiovascular diseases and the risk of cardiovascular events, in particular.

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