France backs agroecology to fight climate change

Agriculture and forestry are responsible for 24% of greenhouse gas emissions, but could be turned into powerful allies in the fight against global warming, according to a new study. EurActiv France reports.

In an assessment of business contributions to combating climate change, Stéphane Le Foll, the French Agriculture Minister said, "The agricultural sector has a responsibility to reduce its emissions, but it can also offer solutions for greenhouse gas reduction."

"This is about considering the ecological challenge of the fight against climate change, the challenge to food production and the challenges of agriculture and forestry as one entity," the minister said. He added that "The answer to the big environmental questions is not to reduce agricultural production, but to adapt."

The CGAEER report states that "the agricultural and forestry sectors are accountable for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change".

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