Foreign aid spent on food is madness, says David Attenborough

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the natural history broadcaster warned that the world is "heading for disaster".

Without action, he claims, the "natural world will do something".

He added that the natural world has been doing it "for a long time".

He went on to criticise the current system of food aid sent to famine-stricken countries.

"What are all these famines in Ethiopia, what are they about?" he said.

"They're about too many people for too little land. That's what it's about. And we are blinding ourselves.

"We say, get the United Nations to send them bags of flour. That's barmy."

He suggested that there are "huge sensitivities" that need to be addressed to allow population control to be discussed more freely, such as the right to have children and the Catholic Church's stance on contraception.

"To start with, it is the individual's great privilege to have children. And who am I to say that you shan't have children? That's one thing. Then the next thing is that there's a religious one, in the sense that the Catholic Church doesn't accept this. That you should control the population."

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