BEUC: Food labelling should include country of origin for meat

Consumer confidence in food is at low levels. Displaying origin information can boost transparency and help reverse the tide, says Pauline Constant.

Pauline Constant is communications officer for food and health issues at the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC). She spoke to EurActiv's Henriette Jacobsen.

What is wrong with the current food labelling legislation in the EU?

Today, when you go meat shopping in the EU, you can only know where fresh beef comes from. This is because Country of Origin Labelling ('COOL') is only compulsory for this type of meat, which must display the animal’s country of birth, rearing and slaughter.

As of April 2015, fresh pig, poultry, sheep and goat meat will also have to indicate the animal’s country of rearing and slaughter. Unfortunately birthplace labelling was scrapped for those types of meat. And when it comes to processed foods, you don’t have the slightest clue of the animal’s whereabouts. Only a handful of manufacturers voluntarily display this information. Consumers’ confidence in their food is at low levels and displaying origin information can boost transparency and help reverse the tide.

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