Anholt Investment bought 6,000 ha of land in Botosani for EUR 11 million

American investment fund Anholt Investment is entering the agriculture industry in Romania by acquiring farms Agraria Nord and Arland in Botosani in a EUR 11 million deal. The two farms have a total area of 6,000 ha under their administration.

Agraria Nord, with 5,000 ha, had previously taken over by Austrian billionaire Gerald Scweighofer, whereas Arland belonged to danish company Arland Invest APS.

“We believe Romania is an interesting market, both in terms of quality of terrain and for commercial opportunities”, according to Rudolph Krediet, representative for the investment fund.

Schewighofer and Arland did not offer any details for the deal, but reports that the Austrian investors would receive EUR 10.5 million from the transactions, and the Danes will surrender their operations in Romania for EUR 0.5 million. Anholt Investment paid on average EUR 1,800 for every hectare of land.

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