Agreco Collective - Special Update

Heavy snow has fallen throughout the southern parts of Romania. Starting Friday 24 January 2014 heavier then expected and more widespread snowfall occurred throughout the weekend and continued into Monday 27th January.

Bucharest and much of the surrounding areas were designated Code Red hazard warnings over the weekend, areas surrounding Caracal and areas we are farming have seen over 30 cm's of snow and have been designated Code Orange.

The snow is excellent for our autumn planted wheat crops and is good for the forthcoming planting of our spring crops. The snow will protect our planted wheat from frost damage, kill bugs naturally, and provide plenty of water to the land.

Snow has an insulating effect on the soil, keeping very cold air temperatures from reducing soil temperatures and protecting the crown of the wheat plant from cold injury. Snow also keeps soils warmer during the winter by adding moisture to the soil. It takes much longer for wet soils to get cold than dry soils.

Snowfall will continue over the next 10 days, adding much needed water to the land.